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Lions Gate Entertainment Corporation, doing business as Lionsgate, is an American-Canadian entertainment company. It was formed by Frank Giustra on July 10, 1997, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and is currently headquartered in Santa Monica, California, United States. In addition to its flagship Lionsgate Films division, which generated the seventh-highest gross revenue in North America in 2015, the company contains other divisions such as Lionsgate Television and Lionsgate Interactive. It owns a variety of subsidiaries such as Summit Entertainment, Debmar-Mercury, and Starz Inc.


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Current Employee - Administrative Assistant says

"You will be asked to work unpaid OT. Lowest paid entertainment company in the business. Don't work here unless you want to get taken advantage of. Literally every other studio/network pays more and treats there employees better."

Former Employee - Assistant says

"HORRIBLE pay for entry level workers, and absolutely no regard for their growth. There is no rhyme or rhythm to what they do here. They waste tons of money on Teslas for directors and cameos for talent and "consultants to improve culture" when in reality they need to just increase salaries MODESTLY to be competitive."

Former Employee - Assistant says

"Worked as an assistant for a lionsgate film and it was terrible. Poor management. People were promised one rate then forced to work for another."


"Stuffy and corporate all the way up the food chain. This is the kind of place that tells interns they need to spend their whole days getting coffee and taking sandwich orders if they ever want to advance in their careers (blatantly untrue - there are plenty of places in Hollywood that will provide stimulating work for their employees, intern or not). Senior Management was unaware of which movies the company has made. Once provided me with a list of films including Saw, Twilight, etc., and had me look through a physical filling cabinet (where the records were kept, apparently) to see if the company had distributed then or not. I checked them off by memory instead, because unlike management I actually enjoy the film industry. If you enjoy film, I wouldn't recommend Lionsgate - they have had very few successful movies since the heyday of Twilight/Hunger Games. You get few interesting projects, and it shows in the disinterest of everyone around you. Add on top of that a generally bro-y culture and this is probably the last place in Santa Monica you want to work"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Low pay for assistant and coordinator level positions which are all capped at the same rate regardless of experience. Limited potential for growth. Really hard to get promoted at all career levels. The whole company seems overworked and underpaid. It is completely unorganized internally. If they would only hire more people they could probably fix things. There is an INCREDIBLY high turnover rate for assistants. Most leave after a year. Don't waste your time here - work an entry level position at any other major studio for double the pay! If you are looking at manager/director level positions or above its just as bad. You can find most departments coming in on the weekends to try and catch up on work."

Current Employee - Manager says

"Thanks for your feedback and advice. We will be communicating the results of the Employee Survey in the new year to all employees and setting up focus groups to garner additional feedback. We want to hear your comments and suggestions to make Lionsgate a great place to work. Also, please remember we have a Suggestion Award program which is open to all employees and elicits suggestions (and provides rewards) for workplace, cost-savings and innovation suggestions. As far as salaries, we are continuously reviewing them and making adjustments as needed based on market conditions and our overall total rewards strategy (which includes our free HMO insurance plan, bonuses, company stock for all employees, etc.) Finally, please feel free to drop by my office anytime to chat or speak to anyone in HR about your concerns and suggestions. I hope that we can do better than "terrible". We work for you and are here to help! Ross"

Former Employee - Assistant says

"These are cons of working at Codeblack. Working at Codeblack doesn't represent working in film industry at all. The management does not know what they are doing, what they want from you changes every minute and they are mean. They're business policies feel shady, and they are about trying not to pay people."


"Long hours. No work life balance"

Former Employee - Manager says

"Terrible leadership leading to many different problems internally. There is no team work, only leadership looking good. Shocking compensation."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"HR was really unprofessional - stopped me from making formal complaints when I should have. I’d call the HR management there bullies. Really do not understand why they don’t look after their staff more and listen to exit interviews and prevent management from persistent bullying Stealing of juniors work was persistent - zero credit"

Nursing Assistant (Former Employee) says

"It doesn’t matter how long you worked there, how many doubles you did to help out this place will stab you in the back. There isn’t any opportunity for growth just another dead end back breaking CNA job. The only good thing about the place is the residents."

Assistant (Former Employee) says

"They don't have a good work-life balance. The company doesn't follow their own culture. They don't hire within/ promote people. It's a very toxic place to work at. Human Resources are clueless."

Executive (Former Employee) says

"If you are a strong female with a voice this is not the company for you. If you are then chances are you will report to a male in most cases. The area and the image of Lionsgate being an independent is pretty much on target from the outside. From the inside it can be a vacuum/vortex where you can stay there for years and years and never get out. There is not accountability for the employees who are not performing. They would benefit taking a page from a Netflix culture deck. So many people have been there for so long it is essential for the health of the company to implement a better performance review. Really take into consideration what the subordinates think of their teammates and their supervisor. People cannot seem to take feedback there without getting defensive. Cons: Not enough female leadership, no culture, not enough hits in theaters anymore"

Office Production Assistant (Current Employee) says

"Not your typical 9-5 job. You'll work an average of 12-14 hours a night and even weekends. Some days are quiet, some are busy. Some days are mostly labor-related work and some are mostly spent in front of your computer. Cons: Long breaks, no retirement benefits, long hours, no health or dental benefits"

ACCOUNTING CLERK (Former Employee) says

"Working on a production is fun and fast paced. Don't expect a lot of help from your peers, this ohs a job for independent workers that need little direction, but can take orders and handle high stress well. Cons: poor management, little room for growth"

Leasing Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Provide tours to prospective residents Cons: healthcare benifits were bad"

Housekeeper/Laundry (Former Employee) says

"Working in Lions gate it is a hard working job sometimes but most of all is that workers do there job as there supposed to and it makes a good team work"

Production and Development Executive Assistant (Former Employee) says

"This job was very challenging but taught me to be resourceful and gave me the right tools for my future jobs. I also learned a lot about the film industry and met some amazing people."

Lareb Naseem says

"Personally, my time with NYFA was unpleasant. There was a lack of organisation throughout and my specific team were given a clueless tutor who on the first day didn't turn up until three hours later. I lead the first couple of ice breakers just because it was a room full of random individuals who have never spoken to one another- and thank god I have production experience under my belt otherwise I too would have thought it was great. It then went on to be multiple miscommunications i.e. a presentation we were expected to do was supposed to be handed in the night before only an hour before the presentations we were told we must have it on a USB ready to present so you can imagine the stress of running around like a headless chicken to find a damn USB. Throughout the 2 weeks, you have assigned roles that you must stick to and complete. My role was Producer and so I had to complete said paperwork but was never told where to submit or hand into- this is something the tutor is supposed to tell you and even after constantly asking them they told me to just keep it with me- that it's just for me. Which I found extremely odd considering this is NOT how it's done on actual sets- but I listened and kept them to myself... Moving on to the manner in which the organisation coordinated with the University that they had rented for space was crazy- it was as if they had no idea who we were and what we were doing there even though we had our lanyards on throughout the 2 weeks. As well as this, as a producer, you look over the budget and so I was very happy when I saw we spent under our maximum amount in my paperwork I had all the receipts filed and photographed on & offline. To which my tutor somehow knew about- and thus wanted to spend the rest of the budget on a lunch for herself. To which I had to tell her no- it just begs the question of why I have to explain to someone who has 'years of experience' why she couldn't spend production budget on lunch. The last week- again no direction from our tutor- just sat at the front on their phone. I took the lead with our director and lead the crew on what we had to do- long story short we were able to create a movie with a strong plot because of the brilliantness of our team. Flash forward to the last two days, the film was complete and so the second to last day was spent in the auditorium listening to inspirational talks lead by a handful of industry professionals but with no time for Q&A's. And it felt as though they were all rushing to run out as soon as they were done speaking. Midway one talk I received a message from said tutor in our group chat basically demanding all the paperwork- to which I responded- why? You told me to keep it on my person and that I wasn't expected to hand it in? They told me the deadline for all paperwork was at 1 pm today. Which was shocking- because this was something they had not mentioned ONCE. Not even through email- remember when I even asked if I needed to hand it in? They (the tutor) denied any of those claims- and so I was angry. My crew was in this group chat and so- I had witnesses and who were fantastic btw- & quick to tell them (tutor) that they were in fact lying and that I had asked multiple times. That was the final straw and so I had to complain once I did all I got told was that they would have a talk with them and ensure that they realised what they had done wrong. Which isn't good enough, if I have come to you and a number of my team members are telling you that we had a useless tutor who didn't engage and left us to our own demise how on earth can you turn around and say you'll have a talk? I also had screenshots of their attack done in a group chat- surely this would equal to not letting them be a tutor again? I don't regret many things in my life, but I really do regret wasting 2 weeks and over £1,080 on such a useless course. I learnt nothing new, the only thing I did make was some fantastic friends. But if I could go back I would not do it again and I don't encourage anyone to do this course. Instead, save, start a fundraiser join some Facebook groups Tweet whatever you have to do- just avoid NYFA. I hope this helps- p.s. I don't want a response NYFA I don't need your generic comment of how you're sorry my experience on the course was bad- save it. Just do better and take on the feedback."

Crouch says

"My experience so far is not impressive. My son paid for an online interview (you should never have to pay for interviews for anything!). It was confirmed via email for last wed 16:00. He waited to receive the Skype call for an hour. Tried to skype them. None contacted him! There was no phone number to contact them. I found a number the next day and left a message for someone to call me regarding the interview. The receptionist said someone will call back. I never got a call. I tried again the following day and still none returned the call! I have since been contacted by the course and they have been apologetic and offered compensation to make up for the problem."

Tom says

"PLEASE NOTE: This review was removed from the NYFA Facebook page, as the page's specification was changed from 'organisation' to 'actor' - thereby nullifying and censoring the other negative reviews on their page. ALSO NOTE: NYFA attempted to take down this review, and have since failed and received a warning from TrustPilot. This review is purely my opinion, and any attempt to remove it will be treated as censorship. Some people had a positive experience, I didn't, this is a summary of my experience. I participated in the summer course over Aug 2018 - and it overall was (and continues to be) an expensive, stressful, headache-enducing experience. Pros - Networking - I appreciated the hands on approach to networking with like-minded people, but it can easily be done independently, minus the hefty fee. Workshops/master classes with industry professionals (despite the fact that the vast majority of the cinema-based master classes were rudely cut short due to lack of organisation and technical issues - which the NYFA had the audacity to blame on Cineworld at every turn). Cons - Organisation - the staff and events were consistently disorganised, and seemingly clueless when it came to handling the vast number of people they knew would be attending. Communication - whether it be in person, or by email correspondence, the NYFA have constantly ignored, or straight-up lied to our faces for the sake of keeping their reputation intact (eg. Rob Earnshaw claiming he'd worked alongside us throughout the 10 days - I barely saw him, except when there was a photo op to be had!) Threats + uniform - In addition to this, the only consistent correspondence a large amount of us received, was when the NYFA sent out urgent final notice invoice emails, basically threatening me (and many many others) with our place on the course, if we didn't pay a fee for uniform I personally never confirmed I wanted nor needed - OH, and they messed that up too, I was given extra clothing, while other members of my group didn't receive theirs, particularly the black NYFA hoodies, complete with a 50p size nyfa logo on the front (which has since changed) and literally no other discernable feature to identify it NYFA, for the fee of £30. I'm not sure what I was paying for there either, as there were no prior images of the NYFA merch before receiving the invoice threat email. Headshots - continue to be a massive issue, the latest narrative is 'a hard drive has been corrupted', despite one of the photographers completely contradicting that by telling us they were all uploaded and stored in Google Drive. Censorship - the NYFA has been brilliant at this, with the rules to the NYFA-ran networking/group pages basically saying if you post anything that goes against their rhetoric or in any way shows them in a negative light (such as asking how long they intend to faff around with headshots), you're removed from the group. Also, I personally found Earnshaw's speech at the end of course celebrations to pretty much translate to 'if you complained or in any way didn't play ball, there's no chance you're coming to the next free course'. Final screening - my group was one of a few whose films were screwed up IN THE FINAL SCREENING at the O2. Ours (arguably the worst case) cut out halfway through, and was reduced to audio for 2 minutes, more or less completely cutting off the ending of the film. Despite most of us (+ unhappy parents, some who'd travelled a vast distance to see it) yelling for it to be rewinded, we were ignored, and the next film was played with no intermission or even apology. Job opportunities - multiple times now, job opportunities have been posted in the exclusive NYFA group - that were open castings. The NYFA hadn't facilitated these casting calls at all, simply copy-pasted them into the group."

Kamal F says

"The following review is for those who are looking more and considering participating in the NYFA courses: I attended the NYFA's ten-day easter course (set ready) this year and decided to walk out a few days in. Please do not be blinded, as I was, by the prestigiousness of the companies name. Unfortunately, at the time of when I had the audition and saw a small advert of theirs on Facebook, there wasn't a TrustPilot or any external reviews except their own selected testimonials on their website. In the run up to the pre-course, I was connected and contacted with the Talent Executive of the NYFA, whom I'll just refer to as "B" hereon. Despite "B"s rude conduct on the phone, several occasions ('aggressive selling of hoodie' -- which I received refund for, two months later and denial of payment) I tried to let it pass me by. It was only a few weeks prior to start of course when I discovered that the Talent Executive of the National Youth Film Academy, "B" is of the age twenty and on the course himself, learning -- under a different alias. On top of other things, this made me doubt the credibility of the organisation. Although I left on the second day, I still had the timetable for what would happen for the remaining 8 days. The masterclass speakers were nothing of the magnitude advertised and when speaking with a fellow course participant on how he found It, we both felt you could save your money and invest in a different way. Not to undermine the speakers who are in the industry but they were there to speak on their experience and what roles are like in film which I think is pointless considering how many of these tutorials, from people at the top, are available for FREE on YouTube and in books. some sessions included how to write a screenplay' and another, 'how to avoid being typecasted' -- which is easily to be found online. The NYFA is a good way to network with like-minded participants but even that is not worth the money you spend towards the course. Prior to when the course started an email was sent out to everyone regarding defamatory comments by 'M.W' and that they'd be taking legal action. I found the article "M" posted, still easily available to read online with a few searches, and it was just a compilation of reviews from previous participants, pretty much stating the same thing I'm saying. I know of a few people who feel the same way I do but don't want to give a one star review due to the NYFA's way of fear mongering people into giving positive feedback. If you're looking to be with the NYFA, consider it carefully. It's an amateur networking event with course participants, and a very little return and no value... the networking you do is not with those who will be there speaking and whatnot. EDIT (after companies response): Dear Rob Earnshaw CEO, So do you feel that receipients of an over-priced course are expected to be submissive and not share their experience when they've been granted a bursary? *** Ben, Talent Executive A 20-year old's minimal experience does not excuse their behaviour when speaking with course participants. As also stated, I left the course, therefore the group, as I was not happy with how the course presented itself and with the directions the group were taking. When I and my course tutor tried to speak with you prior to my departure (at the University of Greenwich) you were very dismissal of my concerns and walked away. I never spoke to an NYFA member of staff about why I left. I received no phone call nor email following the departure -- so you did not support me post-course, financially or emotionally, as your response states. I spoke with my course tutor, who is a third-party with the NYFA, and told him the reasons leaving were how the course felt like a scam + my experience so far with them. *** Hoodie: I did not keep the hoodie. The hoodie was never sent to me. If you checked with your staff, I received full refund after numerous back and forth communication with Yvette Embleton. I'll state again, I did not even see the hoodie. *** Your response is based on inaccurate information that was even new for me to read. Admitting severe problems in your business and working to address them would be the sensible option; fabricating stories to deflect from someone who's been involved in your business, sadly shows your character and is a massive red-flag. Then again, I'm not writing this review for your sake, it's for those looking to attend. maybe 1 stars was a bit polite, I'd give 0 stars, if I could. In conclusion, your information is fabricated and has no basis. No apology was issued on your behalf on the initial problem I had months ago and therefore has lead to this becoming public. You initially reported this same review for "Discrimination, ageism and sexism" and whateverism (?). Very big buzzwords but next time, lower your pride and address the actual concerns. For the benefit of others, this review will not be coming down. Avoid." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. 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